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Powerful! Future Family Finance featured in a Power Packed Seminar with Breath of Life Ministries.

Breath of Life Ministries and the Oakwood University Church hosted Black Wealth; Re-Igniting The Movement, a power-packed online seminar with a host of amazing speakers alongside the founders of Future Family Finance, Jason and Carmen Thomas.

The Future Family Finance Facebook, Twitter and Website were ablaze as families from all around the world reached out to us to find out more about our amazing debt elimination software that we have been promoting for over 12 years now. Our track record was on trial as we outlined the principles we teach which has allowed our family to live a debt-free lifestyle. Seminar attendees even heard from a couple - Rawl and Janine Stanley who signed up over six and a half years ago - becoming a "Future Family". The Stanley's proudly announced that they had just paid their last mortgage payment on Friday, February 18, 2022 to which Jason and Carmen saluted with a toast! Imagine paying off a thirty-year mortgage in six and a half years!

What is a "Future Family"?

A "Future Family" is a family that understands that debt is not God's ideal for us. They understand that when we work together - with the common goal of debt freedom, God will sustain and bless us, making that goal a reality because it is his design for us. Would you and your family like to become a "Future Family"? Just send us a message in the "Contact" tab and one of our managers will be in touch with an appointment for you to learn the month and year you too can become debt-free.



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