Life University adds Family Financial Boot Camp Course from Future Family

Jason and Carmen Hope Thomas have been shaking things up in there "Husband and Wife Financial Bootcamp" at the First SDA Church in Huntsville. Jason, a Finance "Guru" has laid out an impressive strategy to help pass wealth - not debt to the children in any family.

Over 30 families are singing their praises and enjoying the practical steps to true wealth building and there have been some incredible testimonies that have come out of the class.

One family has over 12 years left on their mortgage and now, under the principles and tools given in the class, they will be able to pay off ALL debts in less than 4 years! "This is amazing stuff! I never ever thought I could do this with my current budget, but after taking this class, I see how I am loosing money on almost everything!" Heather P. explained.

This 9 week course is certified by the National Financial Educators Council and has been vetted and approved by hundreds of families nationwide.

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