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Jason S. Thomas

Jason S. Thomas is the founder of Future Family Finance and is a veteran leader in finance with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of finance in the USA, Central America and Europe.

Jason specializes in Financial Education, Mortgage lending and understanding how money works.

Jason earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance for Oakwood University and soon opened his own Mortgage Brokerage Firm and in Miami, FL. After almost 5 years in the Mortgage business, he and a partner opened a Title Company in the same area.

After 7 years in the Mortgage business, Jason began assisting his existing clients in wealth management and currency trading. With huge successes, Jason, along with 2 other partners opened Capital Hill FX.

In 2010, Jason once again felt the urge to help individuals understand debt and how money worked. He joined forces with the PILL METHOD Trust, where he, along with founder Don Daniel, development the most powerful financial education presentation to date.


Jason’s ultimate goal is to help families realize that being debt free is a plausible goal that is worth striving for. He travels around the world sharing the many concepts that he has developed with audiences all eager to learn the secrets of money and how it all works. He and his wife, Carmen Hope Thomas, developed the “Husband and Wife Financial Bootcamp” to help couples learn how to work together to build wealth for their families for generations to come.


Jason Thomas is a certified financial educator with the National Financial Educators Council and has had the honor of moderating a panel on finance for the National Urban League’s annual national convention in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2015.

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