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Carlos da Silva

Carlos da Silva was born in San Paulo, Brazil. He grew up in a Christian home and in his early years in the church, he sang in the children’s choir and later in the youth and young adult choirs. After having served faithfully in the young adult choir, he then went on to form the Quartet Mozart. Their ministry took them to all parts of Brazil ministering to various churches, hospitals, nursing homes and musical events.

His journey eventually led him to the United States where he continued to perform as a solo artist. During this time he met the members of Los Heraldos de Esperanza (The King Heralds in Spanish) and became a baritone for the group. He has now launched his solo ministry and is using his gifts as a talented vocalist.

In addition to his musical talents, he is a truly inspired speaker. Along with his wife Angelique, he felt called to spread the financial truths they learned from the couples boot camp of Jason & Carmen Thomas. Using his talent to speak in three different languages; Portuguese, Spanish and English, Carlos has done several financial presentations and seminars on finances. His deep understanding of life struggles has given him an uncanny ability to see into the hearts of many, and to help them with their financial needs. Carlos and Angelique’s ministry continues to grow as he travels across the country and internationally, giving seminars as well as musical concerts.

Carlos has a passion to see everyone debt free. Not just in their lifetimes but for their future generations.

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